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Special tribute to Professor Paul Gérard POUGOUE

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As high level professor for Universities and Institutes of high education, in Cameroon, Africa, Europ and America. 

Our brother, is retiring as teacher and researcher at the Yaounde II University in Yaoundé. He has reached the legal age of retirement from which teachers of his rank hand over their task to younger colleagues.

Colleagues from Cameroon and from abroad seized this occasion to magnify the abundant and excellent work he has accomplished during his 38 years term. In fact, many professors taking part to this tribute have benefited from his teaching and guidance to get their higher diplomas and successfully conduct their carrier. Similarly, a good many personalities in Government and Public Service, in the judiciary, in business, recognize his influence in the evolution of their professional achievements.

Such a tribute in favor of a colleague, undertaken by tprofessors is exceptional. Usually, it is when a professor of University passes away, that colleagues honor him by organizing an evening ceremony at the campus amphitheater, in the presence of his mortal remains. Some of them take the floor to point up his human and professional qualities. Is it not preferable to praise a person while he is alive? 

This was the choice made by professors, family and friends of Pr POUGOUE as a testimony of their appreciation for his accomplishment and exemplary conduct among them since 1997, when, immediately after graduation at Bordeaux University, he endorsed the carrier.

For now, we are not proposing a lengthy description of this carrier. We will be back soon. We are having a look at the most significant moments of this brilliant tribute.

  • Firstly, the professors came together for an international seminar aimed at discussing and exchanging views on some topics of their research on Law; it lasted three days.
  • Secondly, personalities from the academic circle, politicians, family and friends were conveyed to Hilton Hotel Yaoundé, to a presentation of documents written on the occasion with the intellectual contribution of more than fifty professors and professional of law. On the occasion some member of the organization took the floor to draw attention on some particular and very significant aspects of the character of professor Pougoue. To close this ceremony, he took the floor to thank and congratulate the organizers and all those who made this tribute possible, to those who were part of the successes in his life; to his family, to God who for sure, who guided every single instant of his living. 
  • On july 24th, in response to Mr and Mrs POUGOUE, personalities from diverse social groups met once more at the catholic University of Central Africa Kolbisson for a thanksgiving holy Mass. The Mass was presided over by the Dean of the University, together with special representatives of the Archbishop of Yaounde Diocesis, of the Bafang and Bafoussam Diocesis and assisted by more than twenty priests. He wishes to testify and give thanks; a sort Magnificat. 

The church capacity was insufficient for the attendance, among which were Minister of State Control EYEBE and Minister of Secondary Education BAPES BAPES, the King of Bakou Village, former Ministers, Senators and Members of Parliament, Professors, notables of all walks, choirs, etc. The event came to an end after a brilliant reception offered by the Pougoue family. 


Cameroon Government, internationals organizations, notional and foreign universities awarded decorations to Professor POUGOUE: High Education Community has jus paid tribute to his work. It may be time for the Upper-Nkam Community as a whole, do the same and present him as a model to its youth. Let him be prophet at home.



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